I am impossibly excited to be participating in IMMA’s exciting event HOT ON THE HEELS OF LOVE this December 9th, a part of the exhibition What We Call Love: From Surrealism to Now. The night has been curated by Padraic E. Moore.

Each performance delves into core human conditions – sexuality, desire, melancholy, belief, and death.

My performance will entail a poetry reading with visual accompaniment and some hula hooping!

The work itself concerns the erotic and my own re appropriation of the concept of ‘Sainthood’ and worship. I’ve been making work the past year which examines Leonard Cohen’s ‘Beautiful Losers’ – a postmodern novel which fetishizes St Catherine Tekakwitha. My work continues from Cohen’s misogyny and attempts to create a romantic, female gaze from the same position of onanism and obsession.

Female authored erotic and surreal writing has been essential research for the piece including Anais Nin’s ‘Je Suis Le Plus Malade Des Surrealistes’. Nin has long been a huge influence on my work and outlook.

Here’s a photo from a collaboration with Gavin Ovoca which will feature in the piece along with my own artwork.

close up.jpg


Here are some links with more information about the night. The line up is incredible!






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