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Hummus Poem (for Saoirse)

Mm hmm, it’s for us

I made some none but I was nonplussed

Not sure worth the fuss

I want your recipe I’ll give you some but save the rest for me

Hum with a tub on the bus

Hum for crusts

After a teeny tahini adjustment

Never give up the stuff for lent!

Mm hmm, it’s for us.


Shining a Light on a Falling Star (Anon)

Tissues, urinal floor

The clutter shining.

Check autonomy, shoes.

Star shaped glasses on light shoes.

Report to staff member if light is not working.



Organza Madness (for myself)

The damned and gleaming pink subsection of womanhood

And the internal big egg are jabbering;

“To the spermicidal, and beyond!”


One thought on “Poetry from The Poem Line

  1. “I made some none but I was nonplussed”.

    This is a genius string of words.

    I wish it was made of cake because, if it were, tell-tale crumbs would be dancing on my lips.

    Thank you, whoever you are.

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