For Ruth “Results”

Remedy renounced

tomatoes at home

swimming to find a tap.

Simpler results

from your picture-postcard chipper.


Lady in Blue

Reserve your melancholy, frustrated compatriot!

Your bow of blue

has little pebbles, all brand new,

which meet sky;

All you need is to focus your eye.


Lady in blue, you will travel.


Edible Bounty

Such indoor bounty –

relaxing in a coconut!

Tapping into the edible wood fruit

just visiting for a cup of tea

hanging off a tree.

Your personal teacup

Your cold damp toes over saucers

My fireside friend.


For Stephen “Non-erotic Innuendo”  

Flesh rubbed until it stretched and swelled up

pale floury, moist.

a starchy old recipe

Which has given us life.



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