She can avoid harmful effaces
It’s proven by 97% of a million ladies
He frowns. And thinks
“Kisses cost her the bloom she’s gained”.
An invaluable 20lbs beats excuses, your weather girl’s cords
gorgeous abdominal youth, clean dishes and feminine changes.

I’ll avoid, in the shade
look like I hate health
my blush the least enlarged
pulled out, painted over.

Remember the pull of dames
the thousands of hot fundamentals
not the quick-collecting curve fasteners.
Doesn’t freshness stocking us?

The lovely youth of hair dies of fashion
in concentrating chins.
Marry smart, cook orange flesh.
Few continuous half-truths matter now.
Are you wearing only glowing homemade soap?
Or disinfecting your rubber bust reducer?

I’m perspiration, I’m shipwrecked.
I’m ruining my treatment.
The reducer’s effective
reduces the resilient organic matter.
Naturally, that’s double.

I love the wash of correct odors
endorsed by some such gap-toothed beauty.
What has she done? Massage me?
In a germicidal honeymoon dishpan?
And does she put salt in her neglected rose? To preserve?

Days effect flesh. Skin, too.
Little lips are destroyed of use.
Eradicator glands harmfully neglect
to admire dangerous odor appeal.

Right, dainty famous sweetheart!
Perfect hair saves husbands.
Yes, the embrace of pretty feminine cake romance.
But I tell you, douching neat can irk it.

Admire the skinny magic touch
my lovely-to-love, glamourous little pity
with carelessly endorsed elasticity.
Stick a patch on, so things remain
because people notice proportions.
So you rub your hours in perspiration
until your garments are rubbing, too.
“Reduce resented particles immediately today!”
The weight of 10 solutions.

Man too weakened, wasted, and quick to tragedies.
No smeary boy charms in sight.
Proper makeshift men don’t.
But stay, soda. Absorb, but to the chin.

Don’t demand skinny, or healthy scent, or fat, or popping eyes
as if you need it.

Feminine appearance is not safe. Nor alternatives.
The you of stockings further harsh
– supposedly presents unpleasant beautifiers.
Not anymore.
It is wrong to all girls;
who are glared at constantly by brands.

Can divinely big hands touch hygiene?


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