This is a poem I wrote in McDonald’s. I don’t like McDonalds. I think their language is really strange so I wanted to write something using all of their own words, to expose the uncanniness of it.
The cool thing about this poem is that if you find yourself in a McDonalds in the next while, you can find my poem and ‘visit’ it. I used words from the cardboard triangle things that remind you that you like chicken nuggets that they have on every table at the moment. As well as some words from the bin. Whatever I could find!


So Good
Do supercheese right;
The powerful taste-pounder
which is firmly nothing
which is a watering classic
doesn’t double your teeth
but tucks a powerful mouthful into a stranger
who believes that lovin’
speaks louder than reasons
speaks louder than dedication
speaks louder than caution.
Everyone has their favourite.

Please Help.


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