I use a simple system;

it’s silent, and I keep my eyes clean.

While my cat is consistently kind and…

seems to seriously share my skinny policy. 

(“Sure she must have just dropped out of her Momma.

Because she is still so small”).


Something has driven the anthropomorphized film away.

And you my dear,

will start off as a starlet. 

Evolving eventually into



As you become invincible, immovable

to all jokes, catcalls, barefoot strokes 

and post kiss-rejection ice storms.


One thought on “Self-Belief Poem (Ha ha)

  1. Choreography Of Childhood
    by atrmws

    The parent with her painted nails
    Beautiful Person Inside
    The slogan ran

    Across the bridge between her tits

    Seeing childhood as a dance
    To enchant the memories
    Of her issue

    People recall the smallest things

    Burst fizz from adult drinks
    And classroom ink
    Its bluey hue

    Nostalgia trapped in old perfume

    Feeling colder‎, getting older
    Biscuits made from milk
    Early mornings

    This choreography of youth

    Never to betray the memory
    ‎But lodge some gentler times
    In growing minds

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