This is smokers’ soil! 

We, Feather Riot, regret any convenience caused

by our good grace and opium panties. 

We bar sisters seek to wrly slay

the clunky atrocity of your mean, mean teeth machine.

We seek to resurrect the future,

promoting both disorganized attraction

and regret.


Please note that any unattended rubber will be confiscated

and donated to our resident lingerie vampire

who can be found just down the crying hallway to the right

playing coexist with our musical faeries. 


Borrowing your rich, rich materials

to build our slim, toned castle

has been essential to our soiled fantasy.


Only blank, black footage is universal.

So we watch it every night,

curled up cosy in our collars – 

the only glimpse of possible torment we allow here.


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