This is the flesh room. The ultimate in luxurious organic interiors.
The warmth of being breathed on, from all directions. Sighing all around, the warmth, moisture and smell of breath in an all-consuming flesh room.

Hairless flesh walls squirming slightly, and a feeling of intimacy just from standing there. The only orifice is a moist cat flap, like that at the back of your throat, through which the owner enters.
This is not the womb and she is not connected to a larger, sentient being. When she lies down and strokes the floor it hums an organic but unhuman hum.

The room must be fed by method of osmosis through its heaving skin. The owner does not, for this time consuming task, use the help of a maid or caretaker. This is because owner is possessive of the intimacy.
The room feeds off honey and saliva. The phlegmy saliva is collected over a monthly period and combined with the honey over heat in a large pot. The mixture must then be cooled and transferred from the pot into a bucket made of insulating material, so as not to scorch the sensitive flesh floor. The owner then removes her clothes and proceeds to lovingly smear the mixture with her hands and body all over the walls, ceiling and floor until all of it is covered. The owner, exhausted from the task, then lies in the centre of the room and when she has regained her energy strokes the walls to judge the completion of the absorption. The full absorption of the mixtures takes approximately two hours.
The room then affectionately contracts.


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