What’s a Nice Girl like Kwoo doing in the 6th Dimension?

Kwoo’s News

My first solo exhibition is opening on March 9th in Ranelagh Arts Centre. Here is my poster for your eyeballs. Thanks to Cathal McCormack for the photoshop help.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/394637760904612/

Caoimhe Exhib.png


Paul Calf Mix

So I made a mix based on the Steve Coogan character Paul Calf’s general vibe. If you’re not familiar with the character, here’s how he introduces himself;

“Hello, my name’s Paul Calf, support Man City. Like drinking, like a laugh, chat, you know – bit of a debate, argument, scrap, fight, punch up, break some bloke’s nose. I like life.”

My mix begins with Paul Calf feverishly recalling a shameful and drug-induced love buzz with Man United fans, a fictional prelude to the opening of Paul Calf’s video diary.

Throbbing Gristle – United

The Cure – So What

Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band – You Done My Brain In

Cabaret Voltaire – Nag Nag Nag

Soft Cell – Chips On My Shoulder

Teardrop Explodes – Bouncing Babies

Vienna – Ultravox*

Spandau Ballet – Musclebound

Thompson Twins – Love On Your Side

Captain Sensible – Wot



*Sound quality on Vienna is a bag o shite. Think maybe this happened after uploading. Sorry!

Upcoming Performances

Just a quick post about gigs I have coming up!


Skeeze (experimental poetry night + discussion) August 29th @ Temple Bar Gallery

This is going to be a hooping performances with visuals (my artwork). Also on the bill are: Suzanne Walsh, Sean Ruane, Phil Lynch and Alvy Carragher.

Admission is free but booking is essential. Book tickets here: http://www.templebargallery.com/events/event/studio-6-open-second-skeeze-experimental-poetry-series


Lingo Festival October 22nd @ Festival Club

This will be a hooping performance with some surprises in store!


Killing Joke Afterparty (DJ set) October 30th @ The Thomas House

It’s been too long since I’ve DJd! I’ll be playing post-punk, new-wave, goth rock, early industrial and both much loved and under appreciated 80’s bangers. Admission free!

Yungwans @ Connolly Books

I recently performed hoop-poetry at Yungwans in Connolly books, an event organised by Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson. Also performing were: Grace Healy, James Moran, Ceile Varley, Anna Walsh, Sarah Taaffe-Maguire, Roisin Kiberd, Allison Spittle, and Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson.

There are two videos, one short, edited sample of the night  and the second a full-length documentation of the performances! Enjoy.



2015, Mon Amour

So I decided that it would be a good idea to write a rough outline of the work I’ve done in the past year. I initially intended to post this on New Year’s Eve or Day, but as is my fashion I’ve missed the boat. (Possibly because I love to write, but cringe at the thought of writing about my work). Nonetheless, it’s still worth doing, at least for my own benefit.

2015 began with the release of Hibernation Radio – a podcast I produced with Rosi Leonard as Bluebottle Collective. It was a podcast of varied artistic, imaginative and informative responses to the dark and subdued month of January. We received lots of fascinating work as well as producing original material for the show. We produced a walk through the Botanic Gardens with head botanist Matthew Jebb. Two of my own pieces were included in Hibernation Radio; ‘Deep Bath’ a reflection on water charges inspired by Alan Partridge and incorporating some elements  of ASMR and my own poetry, and ‘Dream Date’ a comical collage of kitsch, insincere and unsatisfactory romantic fantasy.

The listener was led through the experience by our fictional curator ‘Linda’ – a character which was collaboratively written by Rosi, Justin and I. Hibernation Radio was reviewed in The Irish Times’ Culture Magazine. You can find the review here, and listen to the podcast here.


Later in the year Bluebottle were invited to exhibit an hour long sample of Hibernation Radio in IMMA’s More Than One Maker exhibition in the project spaces. More Than One Maker presented and examined work created collaboratively and by collectives. The audio sample played outside the project space in IMMA’s courtyard on speakers. It was interesting to see the work in such a radically different context to the initial one we imagined which was: solitary, interior, hiding under blankets.



Glitter Stump, a feminist art zine edited by Rosi Leonard and myself, released its second issue in March 2015. The second issue was launched in Tenterhooks  as a campaign with (Re)al Productive Health to help form a network to provide wider access to the morning after pill with Women Help Women. The night featured spoken word performances and a boogie. I read my piece ‘The Immaculate Abortion’ and also DJed after the spoken word. I had a lot of fun DJing music I loved which was outside the genre limits of my usual darkwave/80’s scene.


As a performer 2015 provided we with some wonderful opportunities to expand my practice and to experiment. Concrete Cathedral, a sparsely attended avant-garde event which took place in a disused concrete factory, was one such opportunity. The event was artist-led and informal. The division between audience and performers allowed for osmosis, and artists collaborated freely influenced by the space.

The event allowed me to perform with improvised noise accompaniment by Stu Mollusc who created industrial instruments from found objects on site. This added an atmospheric element to my work which I feel I learned a lot from, reconsidering the possibilities for the delivery and dissemination of my written work. Gareth Stack has written a post about the event which you can read here.


Finally without any doubt my proudest moment of the year was performing at Hot On The Heels of Love, an event curated by Padraic E Moore as part of IMMA’s surrealist exhibition What We Call Love. It was an incredible line-up to be a part of.

My performance, titled ‘Tender Red Pearl’, was my most elaborate to date.  I performed three poems while hula hooping continuously, with timed, projected images projected behind me. The photos were shot specifically for the piece by Gavin Ovoca, and also included in the slideshow were two of my own drawings. District Magazine reviewed the event with some kind words about my piece;

“ Caoimhe Lavelle continued with a selection of her poems, where the rhythm of the hula hoop she danced in and the turning of the pages on her little notepad set the metering of the words she spoke – funny, touching, and highly entertaining.”

joan dark 2
‘Remote Human Possibility’
rep quee
‘Reptile Queen’

Here’s District Magazine’s full review.


At the beginning of the year, I couldn’t have imagined how well-received my work would be and the opportunities which would come my way. This winter solstice just gone, I was considering the wishes I had made the previous year, burning sage and hopping over a wickerman at Words in The Warehouse in the now sadly shut down warehouse in Grangegorman. I had wished to have a creatively stimulating year and I feel so fortunate about the extent to which this came to be.

I’m hoping that this momentum continues into 2016. I have two resolutions: to finish my novel and to bring my lyrics to life.


I am impossibly excited to be participating in IMMA’s exciting event HOT ON THE HEELS OF LOVE this December 9th, a part of the exhibition What We Call Love: From Surrealism to Now. The night has been curated by Padraic E. Moore.

Each performance delves into core human conditions – sexuality, desire, melancholy, belief, and death.

My performance will entail a poetry reading with visual accompaniment and some hula hooping!

The work itself concerns the erotic and my own re appropriation of the concept of ‘Sainthood’ and worship. I’ve been making work the past year which examines Leonard Cohen’s ‘Beautiful Losers’ – a postmodern novel which fetishizes St Catherine Tekakwitha. My work continues from Cohen’s misogyny and attempts to create a romantic, female gaze from the same position of onanism and obsession.

Female authored erotic and surreal writing has been essential research for the piece including Anais Nin’s ‘Je Suis Le Plus Malade Des Surrealistes’. Nin has long been a huge influence on my work and outlook.

Here’s a photo from a collaboration with Gavin Ovoca which will feature in the piece along with my own artwork.

close up.jpg


Here are some links with more information about the night. The line up is incredible!





Planet Bulimia

Give me back my money, McDonalds

I have deposited your meal in the latrine

I had the fear so bad I thought the gardaí would arrest me

for eating your ‘food’.

Give me back my Saturday night

I want to have stayed in

accumulating genius.

Give me back my charming entrance

I’ll give you back your plámás and your intentions.

I want those chin hairs back

which I plucked to be in your company.

I want you to put those

 bland, vague and charmless statements

back in your mouth.

Put the smoke back in the cigarette.

I want my time back.

I don’t want you digesting mine.

Return the shit on your shoes

to the grass or pavement.

I’ll refund you.

All my make-up is sucked back into tubes.

Come back to me, all my secretions

off my clothes and into my skin and orifices

underwear clean once more.

I left my recovery in a public bathroom

and didn’t flush in case somebody might want it.

I want my conversation back home in my head

waiting to happen.

That moment before I open my mouth

when the magic is still there.